“Working with a coach changed my life.”

Louise Colbridge, Founder

Before working with a coach I was at a point in my life where I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, lost and undervalued. I had two young children who had both just started school and I was working full time in a busy job. I had given up everything to follow my husband to Singapore and I felt alone and far away from home. Throw into the mix a series of health issues which left me even more tired, scared, anxious and unable to cope with the smallest of challenges. Every small hurdle I came up against felt like a mountain. I felt trapped and like I was failing at everything. I couldn’t see a way out.

A friend recommended a coach and I never looked back. I had no idea what to expect but coaching was like nothing else I had experienced. My way of thinking was challenged. Options and possibilities were revealed. I realised I could choose to be in control and make changes in my life. I regained clarity, self-confidence and most importantly a clear vision of what I wanted my life to look like. My coach championed me and held a space for me where I was able to explore who I was and what I wanted out of life.  

I was blown away by what was possible and how different life could be. I was inspired and finally felt as though I had discovered my purpose – to connect with others and create transformation for them too. This was the beginning of my own journey as a coach.

I am a professional Co-active coach, NLP Practitioner and member of the International Coaching Federation.

I love working with people and my intention is for you to realise that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself.

I invite you to experience the power of a coaching conversation with me. It’s free!