Unlock your dream career

Imagine what life would be like if your career fulfilled you and you were actually living your own career dreams. By enrolling in Step Up School’s proven method, you can get you all of this and more in just three months.

What is Step Up School?

Delivered across three months using six modules, Step Up School Online is an interactive online course that teaches you the skills you need to unlock the career or business you deserve. Covering personal branding, confidence, networking and much more, this is the course for all women looking to amplify their career or business.

for employees

Step Up School is for women who feel stuck and want to create change in their career. The unique combination of personal and professional growth you will go through as part of the programme will equip you with confidence and skills to achieve measurable results, regardless of your career stage.

for business owners

Step Up School Online is action-orientated, practical and transformative. As a business owner you will discover skills and tools to amplify your business. You’ll receive lifetime membership to our Step Up School Online community - the perfect place to network, connect and share with other female entrepreneurs.

Discover the secrets to career success!

  • Define your success

  • Brand yourself

  • Unleash your confidence

  • Build a vibrant network

  • Create a mentor circle

  • Vision your future