How can I support you?


Having been an expatriate for over 10 years, I am passionate about helping support people through the many transitions we experience whilst living abroad.

I left my ‘home’ country to follow my husband to the US and then to Asia and I have experienced the full range of highs and lows of living as an expatriate.

Moving abroad is an exciting adventure which throws up many different emotions for people. Whether you’ve moved with your job, given up a job to move, made friends quickly or not, you may feel:

·       A loss of identity and / or knock in confidence

·       Loneliness

·       Sense of being lost / unsure of what the future holds

·       Trapped, loss of independence

·       Excitement and wanting to make the most of the adventure

·       Overwhelmed by the new opportunities available to you

·       Ready to set some new goals

During my 10+ years abroad, I have experienced these and many other emotions which is why I feel such a strong dedication to support clients through this journey. Through coaching I am able to help clients look at this stage of life through a different perspective. Coaching can help you to:

·       Uncover possibilities available to you and put you back in control

·       Reimagine what success means in this new stage of life – and how to achieve it

·       Feel a renewed sense of purpose

·       Find a new excitement, energy and focus for your new life abroad

·       Gain clarity around what you want and what is important to you

·       Make the most of this exciting new chapter abroad

International Schools

I provide 1-2-1 coaching sessions with international teaching staff and host workshops for students and the school’s parent community. I am able to offer a tailored coaching programme that can include personal coaching, maternity coaching, transition coaching and team / group coaching. Please contact me directly to see how coaching can be implemented in your school.

I facilitate a coaching programme at a large international school in Singapore where I work with faculty staff on a 1-2-1 basis as part of the school’s strategic plan to create a coaching culture.

Coaching provides an aspirational and personalised element to learning and development. The language, skills and mindset used in coaching helps to create a culture of:

·       Collaboration and improved communication skills

·       Interdependence

·       Self-reflection and learning

·       Growth mindset and resilience

·       Increased emotional intelligence

·       Aligned goals and values

·       Engagement

Within a school environment, the skills acquired during coaching transfer to the classroom, creating a richer experience for students, peer to peer and with the wider community.

With over 4 years’ experience working within an international school, I have an in-depth understanding of the challenges, opportunities and environment that international teachers operate within. The passion and care that teachers have for continuously providing an enriching learning environment for their students and their drive to be the best they can be creates a wonderful coaching relationship.

Coaching with Louise enabled me to get back in touch with the real ‘me’.

In the same way that yoga, reading or writing works for some people, retraining myself to reflect, rather than revolve around the same fears, by talking and confronting assumptions was liberating. Having the space and time to do this was invaluable. I now feel like I can solve issues on my own, which has benefited me in all facets of daily life, as well as planning for the future (something else I was struggling with before working with Louise).

My body agrees with this – I left my last session calm and happy and without my (formerly characteristic) flaming cheeks!
— Lizzie, International School Teacher